Reyjavik Anyone?

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One wouldn't think of a family holiday to Iceland , but I'm happy to report that we may bring our daughter along on our next journey to this gorgeous land.

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Originally we planned on Reykjavik as a pitstop on our way to Europe. Iceland Air had a wonderful price and, what the heck!, why not check out the capital. We were delighted to find a coastal town with plenty of natural splendor.

Just a few hours outside of Reykjavik, there are geysers, waterfalls and hot springs. We walked along the sea wall, ate lunch at an outdoor cafe (though in the 50's the sun made it feel warmer) and checked out the botanic garden and zoo. Definitely a kid-friendly spot. And the best news? The flight is a little over 4 hours from NYC.

Here are few suggestions on things to do:

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