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Packing Tips for Easier Spring Break Travel

Who's ready for a spring getaway? Whether you are heading by plane, boat or car, heading to the snow, beach or a far-off city, hopefully you are taking a spring break somewhere wonderful. Here are three packing rules I'm following this year.


Tip 1: Choose a suitcase that fits your travel needs.


A good suitcase is imperative for packing. I like one with lots of compartments and the ability to expand. I've also recently been converted from a two-wheel suitcase to a four-wheel suitcase. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?! A four-wheeled suitcase like this Tarmac AWD 25 from Eagle Creek has been life-changing. It's much easier to pull through an airport, can change direction as quickly as I need to with kids, and - bonus - my youngest can sit on it while I roll it! I also love that it has a top and bottom compartment that I can pack separately or share with my husband, and a quick-access top outer pocket with a pull-out coat keeper (also works well for kid blankies), a detachable cargo net for when someone no longer wants to carry his special stuffed animal anymore, and a key fob with a bottle opener because, let's be honest - traveling with kids can be stressful.

Tip 2: Organize & separate with packing cubes.

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Packing Cubes

I have three boys, and while I love to pack them all in one suitcase, I hate how all their clothes get mixed up after Day 1. I've found a solution with packing cubes. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, packing cubes make it easy to keep everyone's clothes neat and organized - even if they are sharing a bag. I'm especially loving this Pack-It Specter™ Compression Cube Set that not only allows me to separate my boys' clothes, but the second zipper lets me compress the bag, fitting even more into the suitcase. This stack of 8 shirts went from 5 inches down to 2 inches! Get each kid their own color so it's always easy to see whose shirts are whose.

Tip 3: Pack multi-tasking outfits only.


Whether I am packing for a few days or a few weeks, I always like to pack multi-tasking apparel like these outfits shown here. We are talking both about pieces that can do double duty - like that dress that works as beach cover-up or classed up with a cardigan, necklace and heels for dinner - and pieces that can mix-and-match color-wise. You can get more spring break packing inspiration with other capsule packing ideas like this, this or this.

Where are YOU headed this Spring Break?

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