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Our Favorite Ski Moms

We're huge fans of skiing here at Momtrends. The all inclusive ski guide that we put together is evidence of that.

And it's become obvious that many of you are ski enthusiasts as well, so we thought you might like to hear from some of our favorite ski moms! We've rounded up their thoughts on why they love to ski, their mountains of choice, go-to apres-ski treats and most cherished moments...


Kimberly Clayton Blaine of The Go-To Mom.Tv

Getting my kids active during the most beautiful season of the year is a must. I've been skiing since I was little girl and I have visions of skiing with my grown boys and their children in the future! Our family ski trips are a great way to keep the bond strong with my kids for a lifetime.

Years Skiing: 30 years

Kids: 2 Boys 13 and 7 years old

Favorite place to ski: Big White Canada B.C.

Favorite Apres-Ski treat: S'mores for kids and hot buttered rum for mom!

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Mara Gorman of The Mother of all Trips

I love to ski with my kids because I love the sense of physical competence and confidence skiing gives them - and I like them seeing me not just as Mom but as a an athletic, daring, physically competent person who will drop into the trees with them or cut a killer line on the moguls. I also love how it gives us time together - some of our best conversations happen on the chairlift. And finally, I love to ski with my kids because of the pure joy of it. Nothing else makes me feel like a kid again the way skiing does and my twelve-year-old told me this very morning that skiing is his favorite thing to do in the world.

Years Skiing: I learned to ski 32 years ago, but went for (too long) 18-year hiatus without skiing; started again five years ago.

Kids: 2 boys, Tommy and Teddy, 12 and 9

Favorite place to ski: Mad River Glen in Vermont

Favorite Apres-Ski treat: Apres-Ski treat: For them, waffles; for me, Lawson's Finest Liquid Sip of Sunshine (a hyper-local beer brewed by the head naturalist at Mad River Glen)

Favorite Ski moment: When my youngest, who had been a reluctant skier at age 3, changed his tune at age 4 after some awesome lessons at Smuggler's Notch. He skied confidently and got so far ahead of his dad that he hopped on the chairlift solo.

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Savvy Sassy Moms Snowboarding with Kids

Andrea Fellman of Savvy Sassy Moms

We couldn't wait to get our kids on a snowboard! Snowboard trips are a lot of work and they take a great deal of preparation, but we do it because it's an activity we all enjoy and can do together as a family. It's a great sport that they will be able to enjoy throughout their entire life!

Years Skiing: Skiing 10 years then converted to a Snowboarder for the past 10 years.

Kida: 2, ages 8 and 10

Favorite place to ski: Mammoth Mountain, California

Favorite Apres-Ski treat: Bloody Mary

Favorite ski moment: The first time riding up the chair lift with our kids, The four of us giggling all the way up and me taking selfie pictures to capture the moment. I'll never forget it, best moment ever.

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Kristen Lummis of Brave Ski Mom

Why ski? Because no other sport binds a family together like skiing or snowboarding. It’s the only sport I know of where grandparents can participate equally with their grandchildren. It’s the only sport I know of where parents can have just as much fun on the bunny slopes with their little ones, as they do on expert slopes with their teens.

Some of my family’s best moments have occurred while skiing. From the excited anticipation of the day ahead on the morning’s first chairlift to soaking together in the hot tub while recounting our adventures, we wouldn’t trade a day of skiing together for anything.

Years Skiing: 46

Kids: 2 boys, ages 18 and 15

Favorite place to ski: Aspen

Favorite Apres-Ski treat: sushi

Favorite ski moment: The day my boys told me they were quitting ski racing to become “big mountain” skiers. They were all of 12 and 9. And guess what? They never looked back and they now rip the big mountains. It’s amazing and humbling to watch one’s children progress. I couldn’t be more proud of my kids. And I treasure each day we make turns together.

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Whitney Wingerd of Mommies with Style

There are few activities I think I can say that all four of us truly have a blast doing all together, and skiing is one of them! Now that my boys canski well, we love our family ski days together. It's also something we look forward to as a nice break from our otherwise crazy schedule..

Years Skiing: 20+

Kids: 2, ages 11 & 8

Favorite place to ski: Bear Creek, MacGungie, PA

Favorite Apres-Ski treat: hot chocolate w/Peppermint Schnapps...or a Blue Moon

Favorite ski moment: This year, watching my 11 year old go over a small mogul and seeing the look of excitement on his face.

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Kim-Marie Evans of Luxury Travel Mom

Kim-Marie shares why she skis in her interview with Olympian Jonny Mosley.

Kids: 4, ages 16, 15, 12 and 9

Favorite place to ski: Park City is our favorite destination, but we ski every weekend at Mount Snow in Vermont.

Favorite Apres-Ski treat: A waffle from Waffle Cabin, which sadly they don’t have at Park City, but they do in Mount Snow and Stowe. The promise of a waffle was the only way I could get my kids to go to ski school.

Favorite ski moment: A few weekends ago my teen daughter’s ski team decided to ski with the parents. We raced each other using a SkiTracks app, one of the dads got up to 65mph, none of the girls could beat that.

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Jill Amery of Urban Mommies

After skiing as a family in the Pacific Northwest since both of our kids were 3, I’ve realized that the tiny jumps that produce huge grins and potent moments discussing life on the chairlift are too precious to miss. We do apres-ski at places with live music where the kids ask a billion questions of the guitarist as they sip extra-large hot chocolates and I instagram far too many moments. (It even makes the lost mitts and ski-boot issues worth it!)

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