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Summer time is all about eating outdoors, travel and making life fun for the family. I discovered Neat Solutions with baby #1. I used the portable Table Toppers whenever I ate out with friends and the products have only gotten better with time.

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The Table Topper is a disposableplacemat that covers any restaurant service. Have you ever seen the nasty wet rags many restaurants use (not to mention the harsh cleaning chemicals) to wipe down restaurant tables? Yuck. I whip one of these out of my diaper bag and set it down with a small snack for my daughter. I buy myself time until the food arrives by showing her the pictures on the mat. The newest toppers come in an assortment of cute designs (like the 20-count Winnie the Pooh Table Toppers $3.97 on Amazon) and they are more eco-friendly as they are biodegradable.

Adventures to parks, museums and restaurants also mean plenty of potty breaks. For little ones, I pack adisposable Changing Table Topper. This paper product can be tossed or recycled after using and won't weigh down your diaper bag. For potty-trained preschoolers try the Neat Solutions 10-count Potty Topper Disposable Toilet Seat Covers $3.95 on Amazon. These toilet seatcovers come in prints, such as Elmo, Dora and Diego.

And don't forget about clean hands! I pack a Clean Well portable hand cleaner 1oz (Pack of Three $13.21). This brand doesn't use alcohol and doesn't leave a sticky residue.

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