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I'm a city girl and I have little closet space. So you know I have got to really like something if I am willing to part with precious storage. At the beginning of summer we got a 75-qt (it is BIG) Durachill 5-Day Cooler cooler from Rubbermaid to try out and now I can't imagine traveling without it.

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We've been driving to all our getaways this Summer to save cash. That's allowed us to bring along plenty of our own food. We've loaded this beauty up three times for big road trips. The savings have been huge. Buying organic dairy products in Nantucket could bankrupt a family of four!

The cooler did in fact hold five days worth of perishables. It's got a sturdy handle for transport and wheels to make loading and unload easy. The top section is divided in two--a nice touch that allows you access to the cooler without releasing all the cold air. They say it will hold 130 cans--I bet Rubbermaid is right. As for me, I look forward to loading this up again in a few weeks as we head for the country.

Rubbermaid provided no cash payment for this review.

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