Managing Airline Security Lines with Kids


Taking to the skies soon? Have you read about Clear? They were supposed to deliver hassle-free travel making security checkpoints easier to manage. But as of June, they are out of business. So parents have to get prepared for long lines before they arrive to their gates. TSA has a video with tips and other trips here. But here are my Momtrends ideas:

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  • Select a carry on bag that can easier by worn over the shoulder.
  • Don't wear a belt.
  • Have everyone wear flats or Velcro shoes--messing with lace-up shoes is a nightmare.
  • Label everything. I like Mabel's Labels for bottles, snack packs, etc.
  • Remember your ziploc containers with liquids. This include odd things like deodorant.
  • Opt for powdered formula over liquid--it is just easier to deal with.
  • Slings are easier than strollers for carrying a baby. We've had two strollers destroyed in transit by airlines. The sling can be slipped overhead with ease.
  • Use a carbiner to keep your keys connected to your bag.
  • Take your time. Even thought people may give you evil looks. Don't be rushed--you'll only forget something--like the all important pacifier.

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