I'm so excited to share these Insider’s Travel Guide to Telluride by Erin Busbee. Erin is the mom behind the popular style blog BusbeeStyle (follow her on Instagram @busbeestyle). We teamed up last fall to talk about Bogner fashion and now she's sharing tips for traveling to her hometown. 

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Insider’s Travel Guide to Telluride

Insider’s Travel Guide to Telluride

I am now one of the few thousand residents of this tiny town of Telluride, Colorado. After a year and a half of living here, I still feel like one of the luckiest women in the world.

It’s a one-of-a-kind place, a jewel. Speaking of Jewel, she lives here… I think? I’ve never actually seen her. Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Cruise also have homes here (Although again, you wouldn’t know it). This isn’t a super glam town like Aspen, it’s much more low-key. I could go on and on about how my kids are learning Spanish, becoming amazing skiers, how there are programs here to push and challenge every interest. But, I want to get to the heart of the matter, or the headline, as I like to call it, and share my favorite spots in Telluride!


There are two separate towns: Telluride and Mountain Village, which are connected by a free gondola. The ride takes about 15 minutes. In Mountain Village you’ll find more great shops and restaurants. I love to pop into Heritage to shop, and eat at Tomboy Tavern and Tracks. The owner of Tracks, Erica, is one of my favorite people. I always order a healthy teriyaki or southwest rice bowl here. You can also head over to the Madeline and go ice-skating or grab a Starbuck’s coffee. By design, this is one of the only chain stores you will see here.

Skiing in Telluride

One of the amazing things about this mountain, that sets it apart from its competitors; even during the busiest week of the year, the longest you will wait in a lift line is 15 minutes. I also think the set up for families is awesome, Telluride Ski Resort or Telski makes the process as simple and painless as possible.

Fashion Blogger Erin Busbee of Busbee Style talks about her hometown of Telluride, Colorado-19

Shopping in Telluride

Two Skirts: This beautiful boutique is co-owned by Kristin, a long-time Telluridian. She loves to buy very feminine and fashion-forward pieces. You’ll find everything from popular contemporary designers like Rag & Bone and Alexis… to more obscure up-and-comers like Never a Wallflower. I’m always learning about new lines from Kristin.

Scarpe: Jenny’s pieces are contemporary, edgy and functional. She carries a ton of amazing denim, boots, sweaters and scarves. She also has men’s clothes, stuff for the kiddos, even gifts!

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Telluride Sports: If you want to stock up on some ski gear or anything sporty, be sure to stop by Telluride Sports. They have two locations: one in town and one in Mountain Village. The Mountain Village location now carries mostly high-end ski gear like Bogner and Sportalm. In town, there are options for every budget.

FOOD in Telluride

Erin's top picks for dining in Telluride.

Siam: Siam has incredible Thai food. I mean… really good. Getting a table here is the only issue. We usually pop by at 5pm to see if they can take us. They do not take reservations.

High Pie Pizzeria: Everyone in town will likely try to send you to Brown Dog, but my personal preference is High Pie. The wood-fired pizza with the thin crust is my favorite! I always order the goat cheese salad too.

Cosmopolitan: For a fancy night out, you should make a reservation at Cosmopolitan. The food is delicious. I wouldn’t recommend bringing toddlers here.

Altezza: My family likes to go to Altezza at the Peaks and sit outside on warm summer evenings. The views are incredible.

Allred’s: If there is a view better than this one while dining, I haven’t seen it. This is THE place to come to have that quintessential mountain dining experience.


Being active is more than just snow sports in Colorado. Download the All Trails app and finding a trail that makes sense for your ability and schedule. My favorites include: Hope Lake, Blue Lake and the Sneffels Highline Trails.


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