Inflatable Travel Bed: Perfect for Princesses & Regular Kids

shrunks bed

My four-year-old doesn'??t just love princesses, she is a princess. We bought her a sleeping bag (Princess themed, of course) to sleep in at Grandma'??s, but she ended up in our bed. So, we got her the Shrunks Inflatable Twin Sleeper and my little Princess and the Pea couldn'??t be happier. Buy it on Amazon $79.

Shrunks makes several sizes of inflatable beds, but I got the Kids Sleepover Twin Bed ($79.99) for kids 5-8, so we can get our money'??s worth. The twin-sized bed has an inflatable side-rail which makes it perfect for toddlers. (Shrunks also makes a toddler-sized bed that uses crib sheets.)

shrunks bag

The bed comes with a high quality electric pump that makes inflating the bed easy and fast and the bed stayed inflated for the entire week we were on vacation. The sheets stayed tucked in, too, which means you don'??t have to re-make the bed ever night. Beds are made from non-toxic PVC and come with a handy travel bag.

shurnks bed rail

If you want something lighter, the Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail ($25.99) is great for traveling with toddlers. The bed rail also comes with a pump and folds easily. The bed rail is also available here.

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