HP Digital Travel Frame Review

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Got a family member that travels? Me too. Mr. Momtrends is on the road once a month for biz. For his 40th b-day I gave him a new HP DF300A 3.5-Inch Portable Digital Picture Frame.

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The bad news: It has taken me an additional $25 and two months to get it up and running.
The good news: The hubby loved the gift and will adore seeing his girls while he spends time away from us.

I'm a little bitter that this frame doesn't come with the required photocard. I mean, really, who has extras around! So after I read the instructions through I went off to purchase a Kodak Flash Memory Card($10). Then I found out I would also need a Lexar Media Single-Slot USB Multi-Card Reader($15) to drag photos from my Mac onto the photo card. Another $25 down the drain. This present just got a lot more getting expensive.

Once I got all the parts, I was able to simply load up the photo card and then insert it into the frame. The pictures are incredible--so crisp. And we love the travel sleeve the 3.5" frame slips into for storage. We set the frame to a slide show so we can see 100 rotating photos. So be patient and be warned. It'll take a little effort but this is a wonderful gift. Buy the HP DF300A 3.5-Inch Portable Digital Picture Frame on Amazon $45.99

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