HopStop App: A Must-Have for Travel

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Getting around is just one of the storms us New Yorkers have to weather. Throw in a broken foot, a double wide stroller, or gigantic suitcases you have to schlepp to JFK, and public transit can be an absolute nightmare.

Since HopStop's birth, we have been ever-so-thankful for the real-time updates, advisories, and trip details the handy app and site provide. Something everyone can appreciate (especially if you encounter one of the scenarios previously described), is HopStop's ability to provide wheelchair/stroller accessible routes. This is an absolute life saver when you're taking the little ones on an outing and a stroller is involved.

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Unlike other travel apps, HopStop gives you access to all sorts of public transit options like taxis, buses, and trains. And don't think we've gone all selfish on you and are just talking about a New York Only resource. HopStop is globally connected, providing answers to traveler's qualms or solving the local's daily commute issues. Walking routes and transit directions are available in over 130 major metropolitan markets across 5 countries. You can search routes via your Android, iPhone, or anywhere you can surf the net. It's so simple, practically anyone can use it. And we suggest you do.

Anyway you look at it, this free app is a must. For one and all.

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