Holiday Travel Gifts for Kids


This holiday we didn't try to tackle the skies, but we did do some car travel. I was extremely thankful for the Look at Me Camera my friends at Parents magazine sent me ($9.99 at Target). I instructed my daughter to click away at the scenery from her seat and tell me what she saw. Genius aren't I?

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I also kept snacks at the ready with crackers and raisins stashed in the Snack Ball from Boon ($6.50). We also listened to audiobooks. This go round we tried Angelina Ballerina (Puffin Audiobooks) and The Tale of Despereaux (in anticipation of the movie). If you are looking for ways to save cash, most libraries have a section on audiobooks in the children's section.

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Now we are nestled in out the country with friends and I'm looking out over a snowy field. It was well worth the journey. It's time to pop open some champagne and sparklking juice for the kids. Are you ready? My resolutions as you may have read are to work smarter and read more.

Ready or not, my advice is to get excited for 2009. Though budgets have been trimmed, Momtrends will bring you ideas to keep the family stylish and entertained with loads of giveaways, coupons and exclusive interviews with the experts. That's reason to celebrate!

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