Eco Friendly Travel with Kids

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Eco Friendly Travel with Kids

Summer is here and travel plans abound. Whether it be a cross country road trip, a weekend to the Bahamas or a seaside stay at the Cape, there are always ways to make your travel a little more green! Here are a few quick tips. As the great people at Healthy Child, Healthy World say, "Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something".

Eco Friendly Travel with Kids

1. Reuse: Use reusable bags whenever possible. Daily trips and outings can leave quite an impact when plastic bags, foil and plastic water bottles are used and then tossed aside. Even when we're traveling, I pack reusable sandwich, snack and lunch bags. Most bags can be easily rinsed and reused. Even if you choose to use them just for dry goods, you can eliminate a few wasted plastic bags. I also bring reusable water bottles and reuse them throughout our trip. Pack an extra empty reusable bag for shopping excursions, souvenirs and trinkets. We love the stylish, and compact envirosax bags. They even offer a series just for kids!

2. Swimsuit bags: We use lined, waterproof swimsuit bags to tote around our swimwear. I can toss them on the line to dry them and reuse them day after day instead of wasting a plastic bag that isn't water resistant, reusable or nearly as cute. Planet Wise makes really cute reusable bags for all your wet needs, diapers swimsuits and shoes.

3. Fill 'er up: Fill your tank all the way when stopping at a gas station, this helps keep your car running efficiently, and means less frequent pit stops for gas fills. Same goes for tire pressure, make sure you have the proper tire pressure before your excursion.

4. Avoid BPA: A little unknown fact-before entering your car and blasting the AC, open all of the windows and air it out. This is especially important after your car has been baking in the hot sun. Heat causes the plastics in your car to emit harmful fumes, better to take a minute to open the windows and release some of the toxic off gas before you hop on in.

5. Pack Green: Pack your own organic snacks, (for my list of preferred organic snacks, click here). Although part of the fun of going on a trip is eating out, having many healthy, organic snacks on hand ensures that you're in control of what your kids are eating at least some of the time. Another tip is to freeze organic yogurt for long car rides, trips to the beach, or day outings. It is much neater, is refreshing, healthy and keeps kids occupied for quite some time! Can't find local organic produce while you're away? Pack Eat Cleaner biodegradable wipes to wipe off pesticide residue, as well as bacteria and other icky stuff.

6. Beauty and Wellness: Bring your own sunscreen, lotions, body washes, toothpaste as well as other personal care items. We don't compromise when it comes to our skin care products, even for a weekend. We try to pack AIO products when traveling. Brands that we love and trust include: Earth Mama, Angel Baby, Dolphin Organics, California Baby, Tom's of Maine, and Dr. Bronner's. Try to purchases the economy size (often offered online) and pour into smaller containers to cut down on plastic waste.

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