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One of the best ways to get kids interested in the environment is to expose them to the great outdoors. For city kids, this can mean a trip to the zoo or a first-ever hiking excursion. For suburban and rural kids, it's as simple as opening up the door and stepping outside.

The right toys and tools make outdoor adventure all the more fun. First, any great explorer is going to need a pack. This year Kelty has launched an updated line of Junior backpacks. With every purchase of a Kelty Junior pack, such as the Kelty Grommet Junior Daypacks, Kelty will donate $1 to the National Wildlife Federation and pack buyers will receive three free issues of Ranger Rick magazine. The program starts on July 1. I got a peak at the new Urchin pack (see picture right) and loved it--so I may wait until this one is out in stores.

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What's a kid to wear on an outdoor adventure? Anything from Ugly Fish Organics will surely inspire budding environmentalists. At Ugly Fish they use eco-friendly materials and fair trade practices. I love the 100% organic pima cotton tees like the "Old Soul" one shown. $38 sizes 2T-7.

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Don't forget the water. Skip the plastic bottle and stash a reusable Sigg in your bag. These portable bottles are made of a single piece of pure aluminum. "Disposable bottles are bad news"...that's what this Swiss brand has to say. Kids just love the bright colors and cool patterns--everything from Hello Kitty toPirates. Siggs are fun way to cut down on the 100 million plastic bottles that aren't recycled and wind up in landfills. They range in price from $15 up.

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