Gas Savings Tips for Family Travel

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Colleen O'Leary from Honda at Nanuet emailed me her Top 5 Tips for Saving Gas:

  1. Drive moderate, no fast starts and stops: Average savings of 31 percent.
  2. Drive at lower speeds: Average savings of 12 percent especially on long trips.
  3. Whenever possible use cruise control: If you don'??t have cruise, get a new car from us! Average savings of 7 percent.
  4. Try to avoid long idling periods: If you pause longer than a minute, stop the engine and save up to 19 percent.
  5. Consider getting a new vehicle: We have more fuel efficient vehicles all the time. A new vehicle will be better tuned and more than likely to give you lots of joy.

The first four sound great and we'll let the last one slide--she does sell cars for a living after all!

Summer vacation plans: nothing--summer is her busy season!
Dream vacation: World tour with her fiancee (no kids yet for Colleen)
What she won't leave home without: PSP with latest movies

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My tip: don't forget your Blink 2 in 1 Spray and Wipesto tackle messes. Spills happen--be prepared.

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