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Our Favorite Free Fitness Travel Apps

Free Fitness Apps for iPhone and Android

With summer in full swing, it is not always easy to keep up with a fitness routine while traveling with family. The good news is, there is a booming list of apps for both iPhone and Android that make it easy to tone up, get your cardio in, or find your inner peace on the road, and best of all they are free. We've done the hard work and picked the top 5 apps you should take with you on your travels if you want to stay on track with your fitness. Now all you have to do is put down your margarita, step away from the poolside and get your workout gear on!

Best App to Just Keep Running:Runkeeper (iPhone and Android) is a great app for mapping your runs and tracking your distance as well as pace. When you're on vacation in a foreign place, it is handy to have a map with you strapped to your arm in case you get lost. Simply follow the red line back to where you started. As a bonus, if you purchase the paid edition you can leave your loved ones a link to your map so that they can track your every move from any browser.

Best Personal Trainer at Your Side: If you have just 15 or 20 minutes before the kids wake up, load up Nike Training Club (iPhone and Android) and choose from more than 100 custom built workouts. This is your best bet for getting a quick workout in, full of different level workouts for all body parts and complete with video demonstrations. Choose from cardio or toning workouts, you'll get the full personal trainer experience complete with a timer and warm up and cool downs. After awhile you can even unlock special workouts from pro athletes like Serena Williams - all for free.

Best App to Count Calories on the Road: One of the hardest parts of traveling, is being away from your everyday healthy eating options. MyNutrition (iPhone) gives you the opportunity to compare foods from different restaurants as well as items you purchase in the grocery story. You get to see how many calories various foods have as well as other nutritional facts. The app can't stop you from eating that decadent dessert at dinner, but it can give you the information you need to decide if you should.

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Best App to help you stretch and relax on-the-go:Technically because you are on vacation you should already be relaxed, but sometimes being cramped in trains, planes and automobiles as well as the change in sleeping arrangements can really mess with your chakra. The Yogify app will walk you through a series of 20 minute yoga poses to help stretch out your body after a long touristy day of walking. The paid version has more sequences, but the 6 that come with the free app should be enough for everyone from the novice to expert yogi.

Best App When You Can Getaway on Your GetawayThe OM Finder (iPhone) from Lululemon is the perfect app when you have an hour out to practice. The app will find studios based on your current location and give you information about teachers and schedule. What's great is you can use this for both yoga and pilates. A new addition to the app world, OM Finder is a great way to exercise on the go when you want to explore your surroundings and immerse yourself in the local fitness community.

How do you keep up with your fitness goals when you travel? Share your top fitness travel apps in the comments.

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