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Flytographer the Best Vacation Photos


Flytographer will give you the best vacation photos of your life. The service is all about capturing moments abroad with professional photography that will put you in the best light possible (literally and figuratively).

Our kids often get to tag along on business trips. For this trip to London, I was able to schedule a photo session with Flytographer that worked with my husband's meeting schedule and made the most of the incredible setting. With a little planning, I was able to get photo treasures that will last a lifetime.

rajesh flytographer

How it Flytographer Works

You plan your vacation. Then Flytographer comes to you wherever in the world you happen to be. A few weeks before our trips to London we contacted Flytographer through the website. I requested a certain date and gave them a few times and location ideas.

Then Flytographer sorts out the match matching. They email a recommendation and ask for some final details. I let them know the goal of the photos. For example, do you want fun filled & playful or classic and posed? The more you tell them the better. We wanted playful pictures.

A few days before your shoot you’ll get your final scoop and an email with the contact details for your photographer. It's simple and involves a few Q & A type emails and surveys--worth the effort to make sure you get what you want when you want it.

In London, our Flytographer Rajesh texted to let me know he was waiting for us. We met up at a Café Nero near our London hotel. In about an hour (you can also book 30-minute session and 2-hour sessions), we covered 4-5 spots. Rajesh was fantastic. He was on time, communicated clearly, had great ideas and was really playful with our kids.

Queen's Guards

We shot around St. James Park with a few pictures of the guards and Buckingham Palace. Rajesh kept it casual and fun. He was extremely knowledgeable about where to go for the best pictures--with especially good idea for getting the Queen's Guards in the pictures. He kept things moving along so it never got boring or stale.

with queen's guards

6 days after the shoot, we got proofs. I was blown away by the quality. These photos are gorgeous and really capture the spirit of our family. You'll get about 30-40 hi-res images that are yours to keep. Prices start at $250. Ordering prints is extra.

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NOTE: My photos were not watermarked, but I'm paranoid about these pictures getting stolen so I am watermarking them.

Tip or No Tip?

That’s a good question. We tried to tip Rajesh, but he refused saying he’d much rather have a great referral.

Get mom in the picture

The very best part? I’m in all the photos. I’ve been taking pictures for years. Look through my pictures on my computer and you’ll see lots of work photos and then lots of photos of the kids. You won’t see many of the four of us…and if you do they were taken by strangers or are bad selfies. I’m going to treasure having family (the whole family) in the picture.

great london photos

Best Practices:

Use your voice—tell the photographer your vision for the session. They can’t read your mind. You’ve got to let the Flytographer know what you expect.
Trust the process--The Flytographer do this all the time. They know how to get great photos so let them give you ideas for framing the photos.
Plan your outfits--Don’t just wing it the day of the photos. For us we went with dressy outfits for London and more casual for Paris. We wanted two different feels.

london eye

Why Pictures Matter

It was such a treat to get photos that are so professional and gorgeous and include ALL of us! We couldn't be more thrilled with the photos and I'm planning on printing some and then using them for the holiday card.

The photos are a belated Father's Day present. They capture our family's love of travel and our playful spirit.

Skip the Selfie

Often we have to wrangle strangers into taking family photos--and the results are mixed AT BEST. I wanted some professional shots to capture this amazing moment in time. Our girls are the magical ages of 10 and 8--they still think we're smart, interesting and fun! Selfies are great, but I want to get the whole setting in the picture. Flytographer solved all my problems.

The Final Word

Our motto is: experiences matter. These photos will tell the story of our young family. Having these treasures was well worth the money and Flytographer made it so easy.

P.S. Definitely head to the Warner Bros Studios to see the Harry Potter exhibit. It's well worth a day trip. Our family are die-hard Potterphiles and this adventure was the best! Don't miss the wand lessons and the chance to taste butter beer.

This is not a sponsored post.

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