Favorite DVDs and CDs for Travel with Kids


Travel with kids isn't easy. Since airfare is out of this world, many of us are hitting the road for the weekend (though maybe not that far since gas is inching its way towards $5 a gallon). Of course that means loading the kids in the car for a few hours. It doesn't have to be torture.

road trip DVDs and CDs

A fellow Brooklyn sandbox warrior, David Schoenberger, shared his "DVD Delay Tactics"

1.Rather than permanently introducing your child to the car's DVD player, bring a PC with DVD as a special once-in-a-while offer.

2.Rather than going straight to the DVD, require the child/children each tell a story or talk about a important issue.

3.Rather than going straight to the DVD, require song time - use the CD player instead

When suggestions 1-3 fail, turn on the DVD and keep your eyes on the road....

And here are my tips:

New favorite kiddie tunes:Suzi Shelton, No Ordinary Day. My 3 y.o. is addicted. I dare you to play "Going on Road Trip" and not get it stuck in your head! Want the kids to zonk out? Pop in the mellifluous Putumayo Kids Presents: African Dreamland $13.99. I find it very relaxing (good dinnertime music too) and the melodies are gorgeous and sophisticated. A great addition to the collection.

New favorite DVD: Yes, as you know I am smitten with Scholastic's book DVDs. They tie-in so nicely with my efforts to foster a love of books in my girls. the DVDs have an innovative "read-along" function encouraging kids to keep up with the narration. This year they have released six new treasures including Chrysanthemum and More Kevin Henkes Stories (Scholastic Video Collection)a story about a sassy little mouse. $7.99 Plus, did you know Corduroy is now 40? Yes, indeed our favorite bear around these parts has a big birthday this year. In his honor, Scholastic is offering Corduroy... and More Stories About Friendship (Scholastic Video Collection)$12.99

The folks at Lionsgate and HIT entertainment have made this snowy holiday a lot more fun. Yes, we adore going out in the white stuff, but when mom wants to chill with a cup of tea an her laptop, I’ve been popping in two new DVDs.

First there is Thomas & Friends: Holiday Express. This set came packaged with a Thomas train (can never have enough of those especially on play dates). The actions centered around Sodor and the stories have holiday themes (snowmen, trees, etc.). The second was a bigger hit–Thomas & Friends: Splish, Splash, Splosh!($9.99) again Thomas is on Sodor with Rosie, Percy and all his pals. This series of stories has lovely little messages–(you know…work hard, be a good friend). I got a sneak peak at this one–the official release date is 1/5/10.

Since our girls are 4 and 2, this G-rated entertainment is perfect. I’ve found some of the PG movies a bit scary. We tried to watch UP! last week and it was a disaster–the fire scene got everyone crying. I’m happy to have entertainment that is appropriate for all ages. For free fun, head over to the Thomas the Train website here.

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