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Don't complain about the frosty weather. Embrace it and the opportunity for a winter workout the whole family can enjoy. To get family friendly ski tips, I contacted Christy Delger in snowy Bozeman, MT. Christy is the mother of four girls and owner of I asked Christy why families should consider skiing. First, she was quick to tout the fitness factor. Skiing develops core strength, coordination and balance. It tones your entire body while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout.

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Christy also thinks skiing is the ultimate family excursion. "By the end of the day, the children look up at the mountain with a real sense of accomplishment. The fresh air has filled their lungs and tuckered them out!" The chairlift provides a relaxing, scenic rest from the hustle of preparation. Christy says, "Some of our greatest family conversations have happened during the 10 minute ride to the top of the mountain."

Now here are her tips to making your ski trip a succes:

Dress your child appropriately: It's all about details. SmartWool socks are also a must! Fleece Balaclavas keep their chin and cheeks warm. Hand warmers work wonders on cold hands (look for mittens or gloves that feature a zippered pocket to keep these in the right spot). And finally, invest in the right ski outfit. Not only is a quality coat and snow pant a must to block wind and cold, it can also help build the excitement. This is the time when kids can get away with head-to-toe pink or a fierce Mohawk hat. My girls' skiing ability improved exponentially the year one wore pink zebra and the other wore black zebra.

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Invest in safety gear: Helmets are essential. Children fall just trying to stand up on skis. A head injury when they are just beginning to form their opinions about participating in a new sport does not go over well. Goggles are another must. They help keep faces warm and improve visibility. Also, apply sunscreen even on cloudy days, as the sun's rays can be extra-intense against the snow.

Keep it fun: Don'??t put high expectations on your child and be prepared to slow down. Spend some time with them yourself, and also put them in a few lessons. Group classes are social, teach skills correctly and often, as we discovered with our 4 year old, incorporate time to build a wicked snow castle or learn the art of a perfectly executed snow angel. Finally, our girls will tell you that the best part of skiing is snacks and cocoa in the lodge. So, be sure to budget for a splurge after your day of accomplishment.

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