Exploring Local Wineries


The hubs and I love exploring local hot spots when we're on vacation and if we can find one, a winery is always on the list. We recently traveled to our family's vacation home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and made sure to pay a visit to our favorite local winery, Tiger Mountain Vineyards in North Georgia. It's been a beloved spot of mine for ages now and I've loved watching it expand over the years.


In fact, what used to be just a charming red barn on the property has transitioned into an even more charming cafe. After stopping by to pick up a couple bottles of our favorite wine, we decided to stay for dinner and we're so glad that we did. The seasonal dishes were beyond divine and we now have a new favorite restaurant. The pickled onions that topped my blueberry and feta salad were so good, they have me wanting to learn how to pickle. Just sayin'. And we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful place to watch the sunset.


When traveling with children, you might not consider a winery doable, but let me tell you, it can absolutely be a wonderful way for the entire family to spend an afternoon. You simply need to find one with plenty of land to run around and laid back owners who don't mind the sweet sounds of little ones. I guarantee the kids will have as much fun as mommy and daddy. Ours certainly did. I mean when you can climb on hay bales, it's never a bad day...Am I right?


So, the next time you're traveling, ask around and find out where the favorite local wineries are...You just might find a hidden gem! It always pays to shop local. Plus, wine makes the best souvenir in my book. And for more adult beverage goodness, head over to The Shopping Mama for Saturday Sips!

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