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Eric Carle Museum Family Visit

Eric Carle Museum Amherst MA

This summer our adventures brought us to Massachusetts. A highlight of our recent road trip was a family visit to the Eric Carle Museum. We're long-time fans of Eric Carle's illustrations. The books have been a part of our family library because of the sweet stories that herald the natural world, and of course the vibrant illustrations.

Eric Carle Museum Family Visit

We weren't alone in planning our summer jaunt. On our July visit, it was a free visit day and the place was packed. The space is flooded with light from large floor-to-ceiling windows and the entrance is enhanced by this large series of paintings in bright hues.

We started our visit checking out the core gallery. This is a large permanent exhibit devoted to Erica Carle's art and illustrations and you'll learn more about his path to becoming a literary legend. There's a little visual scavenger hunt o keep the kids interested as the parents peruse the displays. I loved seeing his early scribbles and progression as an artist.

Eric Carle Paintings
Very Hungry Catepillar

Since the target audience is young, there are plenty of things to touch--like this reading nook. To be sure, you'll find more than butterfly paintings in the museum--the space is also devoted to the art children's books. One gallery has an exhibit space that rotates--we saw the work of Fred Marcellino.

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In addition to the galleries, there's lots more to do. Visit the children's library (we loved the book I, Crocodileby Fred Marcellino) and read a few books or opt to expand your home library with a purchase from the excellent museum shop.

Eric Carle Art Museum

Tap into your inner artist at the workshop space. Each day they supply the materials needed to create art--we were a little disappointed that our project was coloring, but we got into the spirit of things. Privately, I was hoping to try my hand at collage.

Art Studio Eric Carle Museum

I think it's so lovely that The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art is nestled into rolling hills and splendid scenery. It's the perfect spot to start your children down the path of loving museums. Feel free to wander the grounds and let your little ones look for bugs and butterflies--its' the perfect safe, clean space to explore.

eric carle museum amherst

On our trip, we stayed at the NorthHampton Hotel--about 20 minutes away from the museum in Amherst, Massachusetts. Click here to plan your visit to the Eric Carle Museum. 

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