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Disney Princess Luggage

double suitcase

Disney princess luggage certainly helps to motivate the girls to pack up and hit the road. We asked Disney to help us out this summer with some suitcases that would inspire our girls to embrace the spirit of travel. We're asking that they pack up quite a bit this summer, and we think they deserve the right gear to make them feel involved in the planning process.

Since we've got two girls 6 and under, princesses are big in our world. We've picked a hard-sided and a soft-sided bag. Both are on rollers and both can fit a week's worth of kiddie-gear into the overhead compartment. The hard-sided suitcase is shown below--it's a little roomier than the soft-sided one.

single suitcase

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The soft-sided suitcase is smaller and more nimble. We picked this Tinkerbell Suitcase ($35) that measures 11.5x15"x5"--it's perfect for a child ages 5 and under. For the boys, a Cars case might be the ticket to taming pre-trip tantrums. Slightly more sophisticated 'tweens might go for this hard-sided Mickey & Minnie Comics roller from Disney Store ($119.95).


Remember, it's not bribery. It's trip management. Plan well, travel well.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a sample from Disney.

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