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What makes a good travel toy:

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1.) Must be small
2.) Must offer entertainment
3.) Must not grow old after 5 minutes
4.) Makes minimal noise (so as not to annoy other family members)
5.) Preferably will not require batteries

I was thrilled to test out a sack of soy Crayon Rocks from Nico & Zoe. ($8) Coloring is a ideal pastime for planes, trains and automobiles. We packed this sack of crayons (colorfully packaged in a red velvet-like drawstring pouch). There are 16 crayons and each measures approximately 1.5" x 1-- a pocket-sized, portable palette.

The crayons make deep rich colors and are ideal for imaginative play (not great for coloring "in the lines"). These chunky toys invite bold, big swirls and canvasses full of color. Mainly the preschooler loved them (and sorting them into favorite colors)--but with careful supervision, my toddler really enjoyed grabbing these in her chubby fist and doodling away. A terrific travel treat that will provide hours of artistic pleasure--I suggest keeping a pouch in your handbag for emergency entertainment.

Momtrends was given this toy for testing purposes only. Crayon Rocks did not pay for this review.

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