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Colorful Keens for Adventure Travel

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Hola from Costa Rica. Where the scenery is lush and gorgeous!

On our recent Adventures by Disney trip we travelled light (as usual). We had to have rain gear and rugged gear. I didn't have room in my luggage for 5 different pairs of shoes for me and my daughter. When it came to packing shoes, Keen shoes topped my list.

Before the trip to Central America, I got in touch with my PR contact at Keen to request some shoes that could go everywhere on this adventure. We're going to be hiking, zip-lining, and white water rafting. Keen shoes were perfect for our Spring Break adventure.

keen travel shoes

They suggested these two pairs--the Whisper and the Newport H2. Shoes that had comfort, stability and could stand up to adventure. Keens have the support of a hiking shoe combined with the comfort of a sandal. They've figured out how to make a lightweight shoe that kids love and moms will wear.

For me, I wanted colorful shoes. My old all-weather shoes were capable, but not cute. The Whisper from Keen has a fun color--Baltic--and was incredibly lightweight. It has a nice secure fit, and I didn't get a single blister, these shoes required no "wearing in" time. I slipped them on adjusted, and was tromping along the parks. The closed toe was essential, there were so many rocky walkways and steep ledges. I needed a shoe to grip and not slip.

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My daughter had the Newport H2 for the trip--it's a perfect waterproof shoe for your spring break trip it comes in tons of cute colors. She picked the Very Berry/Coral Fusion. I like the bright assortment of colors and I also liked that the sandals fit true to size.

Did I mention we were in the rain forest. And indeed it rained. A lot. So our feet got wet. It would have been a nightmare with sneakers. They would've gotten soaked and filthy. Our Keen sandals could handle the moisture. They dried out quickly and we never had to get a blister.

When you're on a spring break beach trip it's easy to think you just need a flip flop. But you need to give your kids structure. These shoes are able to go on a serious hike and still look good. We took them rafting, zip-lining and on the beach. They dry quickly and won't get damaged. Remember, it's really important to bring a closed-toe shoe along for adventure travel.

With Keen, you know you are getting quality and style. Pack these and all you'll have to do is worry about keeping up with your kids. I've tried Teva's and many other sandals. Keen's got the style I want and the sportiness I need.

This not a sponsored post. Shoes were provided to us for our review.

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