Family Vacation to Colonial Williamsburg

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Colonial Williamsburg offers different places to stay while seeing the many historical attractions. My family and I recently stayed at the Woodlands Hotels and Suites, a family-friendly hotel that offers different outdoor activities for kids of all ages. The Fun Zone in the lobby has games and puzzles.

During the week, there are other evening events listed. We were able to listen to Colonial stories right before bedtime. My girls definitely enjoyed them because my six year old still shares some of the stories learned. The Woodlands offers the typical outdoor pool but there is also a wooden playground, ping-pong, miniature golf or putt-putt, depending where you are from. After driving and being in the car for awhile, we enjoyed a game of putt-putt in the shaded course right behind the hotel.

CW Woodlands Collage

We dined at the Huzzah! BBQ Grille. It's adjacent to the Woodlands making it the perfect stop after a day of travel to Colonial Williamsburg. They have delicious bbq favorites and a kid-friendly menu too. The girls decided to become pizzaiolo and were given ingredients to make their own pizzas. Don't forget to have dessert! The Mint Melt Away is delicious.

The next day, we walked a short distance over to the Visitor Center and boarded a shuttle to take us to the heart of Colonial Times. We started early to beat the heat and it was well worth it. At the Visitor Center, we were given Kid's Adventure Maps. As we visited the different kid-friendly stops, the girls's maps were stamped. As they collected a certain amount of stamps, they would receive a pin for their efforts.

CW 2 Collage

Here are our favorite stops from our visit to Colonial Williamsburg:

  • Visit the Kid's Corner: Colonial games and activities are available for kids of all ages. In the pictures above, the girls are playing 18th century puzzles and math games. To tell you the truth, the game was an excellent way to practice math facts and I should have picked one up at the Visitor Center. The Colonial women showed the girls how to play and then talked to them about the different kinds of chores that were expected of children.
  • Govenor's Palace Gardens and Mazes:  I enjoyed the beauty of the garden while my girls enjoyed running around each nook and cranny of the maze. Great outdoor fun searching for different ways to get out.
  • Milliner, Tailor and Shoe Shops:  The girls liked seeing 18th century style dresses. When we go back, I will take the opportunity to rent costumes for them. I think they might enjoy that.
  • The Art MuseumsAt first, the museum was respite from the heat. But as we explored in the very air-conditioned museum, we were able to see 18th century fashion, folk art and the girls were able to use tiles to make make a quilt. They also had 18th century furniture that was exquisite.

Depending on the ages of your children, here are some other options that Colonial Williamsburg offers:

  • Pick up a game pack for RevQuest: The Lion & The Unicorn. The interactive text-message based game is crafted for kids 8+, but it's an awesome activity for families that we'd recommend you check out for your story.
  • Benjamin Powell House: Your kids can meet some of CW's Junior Interpreters (kids who sign up to work in the Revolutionary City for the summer). It's a fun way for them to learn and engage without feeling like they're in school. At the Powell House, your kids can play 18th century games, try 18th century chores, take dance lessons, learn about setting the table, and more.
  • Great Hopes Plantation: Walk around at this middle-income plantation and try your hand at the Historic Trades (schedule varies by day)
  • Tour R. Charlton's Coffeehouse: taste hot chocolate inspired by a recipe of the past. Don't worry - the building is air conditioned!

This was definitely the first visit of many to Colonial Williamsburg. I would love to visit during the fall and also see how it is decorated in the winter for the holidays. We definitely felt that we were part of the story.

Momtrends was not paid for this Family Vacation to Colonial Williamsburg post. We were provided with accommodations and passes to Colonial Williamsburg. 

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