City Hopper Bibs: Take the Trip, Skip the Stress


According to the latest travel statistics, Thanksgiving is going to be a challenging time to travel. About 27 million of us are expected to fly on US airlines and millions more will hit the highways. As we prepare to gather with friends and family to share a meal and be thankful, I've got a few ideas to share to keep things healthy and sane for the kids.

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First, is the ingeniousHold-Me Bib from City Hopper. This baby accessory is all you'll need for the plane ride--it's a bib, pacifier ring and burp cloth all in one! For any parent on the go, this item is a life saver! Originally the bib was designed to hold a pacifier--keeping it secured to the bib thus off the floor and clean. But even if your child isn't into pacifiers, this clever bib + more can keep a toy or teething ring within baby's reach during a long car ride or plane trip. The Hold-Me comes in an array of stylish prints and patterns. It makes sense to order one for yourself and 2-3 more for gifts--your friends are going to want this little gem once they see it in action. $15

Next, some ideas for keeping the junk out of the kids diet over the holidays. Merilee Kern's book, Making Healthy Choices has great snack ideas for car rides:

  • Pre-washed fruit
  • Popcorn in ziplock bags, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
  • Pretzels
  • Frozen grapes
  • Homemade pita chips (quarter whole wheat pitas, season, bake, bag and go)
  • Water infused with cucumber, lemon or strawberry

And finally, don't forget the kid-friendly music. I love the soothing new CD from Putamayo called Celtic Dreamland. This CD might just be a life-saver when you encounter traffic snarls. $15.98 For upbeat tunes, try the Brazilian Playground. $13.99

Happy trails!

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