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Want to know where to take the kids in NYC? We've got heaps of ideas. We're working with Aprica to bring you more than a dozen spots to take the family this summer in NYC. Head over to and get inspired with our list of city jaunts. You just might win an Aprica Stroller!

Today we're going round and round on the Bryant Park Carousel. This pint-sized ride is ideal for the 6 and under crowd. Stroll up to Bryant Park, enjoy a bit of time walking on the plush grass and then head for a few rides on the carousel. The location also features a small children's library for some quiet time in between rides.

All of our ideas for outings will be shared on the Aprica page. Aprica offers simple solutions for modern families. And we've got a fun way to create a breeze even on the hottest day--head to Bryant Park. This is a perfect stroll-friendly spot with plenty of shade and plenty of room to park your ride. Cost: One ride: $2.00 or buy a tn-ride card for $15. Here are more details for today's spot:

Bryant Park Carousel
41 West 40th St.

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Aprica Presto Flat open
Aprica Presto Flat Closed

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