Boredom Breakers for Road Trips


Rand McNally(the map guys) has put together a new line of family oriented car entertainment. Instead of tuning out, these toys are designed to reconnect you family. There are five games in the line. Each one meant to keep the kids entertained with a little help from mom and dad.

One a road trip to the beach last weekend, I tested out the Travel Card Games ($9.99). There are three decks of cards: 30 Second Interview, Tough Choice and I Saw it First. I Saw it First is a point-scoring game and my kids are too young for it, but I really enjoyed the other two. The Tough Choice was a riot--it would make a wonderful cocktail party game. Here's and example: Would you rather live withoutmusic or movies? Here's another that my daughter found hilarious: Would you rather have the same tune playing in your head forever or have the smell of dirty socks in your nose forever? You get the idea. The 30 Second Interview asks probing questions such as: What super power would you like to have? It's a sweet low-pressure way to connect with the kids and get conversations flowing. I plan to leave my decks in the car permanently to save us in the next traffic jam.

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Other items in the series include, Car Game Countdown, Story Starters, Car Karaoke and Magnet Message Makers.

Rand McNally provided no cash payment for this review.

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