Black & Decker 100W Power Inverter

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Gadgets make the world go round. And they make car travel more pleasant. From GPS devices to ipods to DVD players, we rely on the tech goodies to make travel more enjoyable and perhaps a little safer (I know I drive better without screaming tots in the car).

To keep everything juiced, I use my Black & Decker inverter. It plugs into your lighter port on the dashboard and will charge all of your small electronics using the car battery. I got this to test about six months ago an now I don't know how I lived without it.

I have no earthly idea how it converts my Honda CRV's 12 volt DC power into household 115 volt AC power, but it does. Now we never worry about dying cellphones, ipods on their last songs etc. My advice: Don't even think of tackling a road trip without this.

Momtrends was given this device for testing purposes only. Black & Decker did not pay for this review.

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