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Be a Healthy and Happy Ski Mom

ski tips for moms

Who has time for sick days? Not this ski mom. This winter our travel calendar is packed --this snow mama plans to make the most of the winter weather. I'll be zipping off to Utah, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Colorado to cover ski trends. Between getting the kids to ski school and taking all the runs I want, I really don't have time to take a sick day.

When you get a bluebird day on the mountain, the last thing you want to do is stay indoors and nurse a cold while everyone else is outdoors having fun. Thanks to DayQuil Severe I can power through the day. I don't want to watch the highlight reel--I want to be in the action.

skim mom in vail

Some of my favorite travel memories involve being outdoors in the snow with my girls. We have the best time on the lifts telling stories and plotting our perfect runs (and the perfect hot cocoa break). I work hard to carve out vacation time with the kids--time to connect and make memories.

I can’t check out at the first sign of a sneeze, so DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe help me to survive my on-the-go lifestyle. I'll be in five states over the next 6 weeks. I can't change travel plans and don't want to disappoint my kids or my clients.


Not only do I love getting tons of skiing in, I love to write about travel and explore different mountain towns. DayQuil/NyQuil Severe relieves your worst cold & flu symptoms so you can and go back to doing the things you love and can’t miss. So I don't have to miss spa time at four-star resorts or soaking in the heated outdoor pool as snow gently falls around me.

Most of these ski trips are also work. On my “sick day,” I’m running to a meeting or working on a new travel video. No one else can do my job for me, so I need relief from my symptoms so I can power through. This is why DayQuil/NyQuil Severe products are always packed in my ski bag.

What else do I pack? Good question. For most of our ski adventures, we like to head out for nice dinners and take in the aprés ski vibe. Here are some of my favorite things to pack to look chic in the winter.

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Fur vest: super trendy right now and cuddly too Got to love it when fashion combines form and function. Click here for some fur styling tips.

Chic boots: ditch the heels, when you're out West no one wears heels, it's all about the fur-lined boots. This winter neutrals are the cutest options.

Metallic bags: since snazzy shoes are out of the equation, amp up your fashion by adding a cute clutch or cross-body bag in a metallic finish.

Head wraps: hats are a hair disaster in the winter--all the static cling. Keep your hair fabulous and your ears warm with a cute head wrap.

Printed gloves: leave the dark mittens at home, polish off your look with a fun animal print glove.

Statement necklace: a little bling is fun at night. A cool statement necklace is the perfect way to finish off your outfit and look "snow" elegant.

Red lip: keep the rest of the makeup minimal and add a bold swipe of gloss.

For more ski fashion tips and snow-mom survival advice, head to our 2015/16 Family Ski & Snowboard Guide here.

My life is about enjoying every moment and embracing the adventure each day brings. Hanging out inside in pjs isn't trendy. So I’m thankful NyQuil Severe gives me a great night’s sleep to allow me to keep my edge.

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I’m not a doctor, I use Vick’s products to treat my cold symptoms. If you have health questions ask your doctor, if you have lifestyle questions come to me.

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