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This summer we're teaming up with Aprica to share some of the coolest spots for families in NYC. We're strolling across NYC with our Presto Stroller. Our latest stop? Dylan's Candy on New York's Upper East Side. Started by the industrious Dylan Lauren (daughter of fashion designer, Ralph Lauren), this colorful spot is a dream come true for kids.

We loved the original, but were Dylan took her sweet shopping experience to a new level with her 2008 remodel. The sweet diva added a third floor café, bar. Take a break from site-seeing and shopping and take a seat in the cafe. The menu includes oversized cupcakes (as big as your head), sundaes and frozen treats. Beyond candy, the store also features colorful tees and gifts.


There are bins and bins of candy by the pound (we love the chocolate covered cookie dough balls--yum!) as well as a collection of the world's most colorful m&ms around.


Located right across the street from Fashion Mecca Bloomingdale's we love the idea of treating the kids at this spot as a reward for patient shopping at Bloomies. Don't forget to look down. There's even candy embedded into the stairs.

Dylan's Candy Bar

1011 3rd Avenue

New York, NY 10021

(646) 735-0078


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