Announcing the 2014-2015 Momtrends Ultimate Family Ski Guide


We're so thrilled to announce the 1st ever Momtrends Family Ski Guide!This is a format of a digital magazine ready for you to flip through from cover to cover.

Our mission at Momtrends is to inspire more families to try skiing and book a holiday on the slopes. Why? It's simply the best sport there is! For the past 9 years, I've been a ski mom. This project has been deeply personal for me! My husband and I fell in love on the slopes of Montana. I skied through both pregnancies (please don't tell my ObGyn) and as soon as our girls were walking we had them out on the snow. Now I'm the proud mom of two strong skiers and some of our best moments of family bonding have happened on the slopes. From silly songs sung on chairlifts to seeing mom fall and laughing (it happens A LOT!) to watching the girls lit it rip on NASTAR courses to enjoying s'mores by the fire and apres ski sleigh rides--ski holidays will be the ones you truly treasure.

This guide is the culmination of more than a dozen trips to resorts across the nation and many, many hours in the snow. We've rounded up our favorite family ski destinations and loaded it with helpful links. We'll tell you why we picked the resorts we highlighted and get you the details you need to book your trip. Without further ado...

In addition to the WHERE to go, we've also got loads of helpful hints on WHAT to pack and how to get your kids psyched about this sport. Yes, we're crazy about snowboarders too--this guide is an equal-opportunity resource!

Packed with practical advice and inspirational images, this is going to be your one and only guide for winter. One of my favorite pages is from a ski instructor (p.12)--sharing what he wishes parents would do before the first lesson.

ski instructors advise parents

There's also interview with some of our favorite ski moms--Picabo Street (p.21) weighs in on her favorite spot to take her kids.

Since we know you also rely on Momtrends for fashion and style advice, our editors teamed up to get some great ski style tips including fashion spreads from brands like Bogner.

bogner apres ski

Hitting the slopes this winter with your family has never been easier. Enjoy the magazine format and tell us what you want more of next year so we can keep your family on the slopes in style. Let's ski!

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