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#MomtrendsTravel: Trends, Gear, Must-Haves, and More

MT Travel Event
Scenes from MT Travel

Before I had kids, I traveled… A lot. It was an important part of my job at the time, and one that I treasured. I relished seeing different parts of the country and exploring the diverse cultures of our world. I soaked it in. I made the most of it. And I never took it for granted. I knew that one day, I’d be grounded. The realities of life with little people would limit my mobility. But it would never squander my wanderlust.

This is the part of my article, where I give a big shout out to those mamas who tackle the airport with multiple newborn car seats and strollers in tow and brave six hour flights with screaming infants on their laps. I bow down to you—because I just couldn’t do it. But now that I have two toddlers, I’m starting to get excited about travel once again. I no longer see my kids as a travel hindrance, but rather as a reason to get out and explore the unknown. I can’t wait to see new destinations through their eager eyes.

Momtrends Travel Event Atmosphere

Earlier this week, the Momtrends’ team hosted our annual travel trends event at the Ivivva store in Union Square. New York City bloggers gathered to talk about the latest and greatest in gear, destinations, and must-haves for traveling moms and families. It was inspiring to see so many active parents—who are passionate about raising citizens of the world.

noble wines
picnic food

They mingled sipped delicious Noble Vines and revitalizing Essentia water and snacked on GoPicnic goodies (a staple you’re going to want for your family’s next camping trip or picnic outing).

kids table
hersheys world
elenis cookies

Meanwhile, the bloggers’ children had a blast in the designated kids’ section—thanks to the incredible college-educated nannies of The Nanny League. The sitters engaged the kids and had them creating amazing crafts, courtesy of Seedling. The highly trained sitters kept the kids active, engaged, calm, and quiet—except, of course, when the littles tiptoed over to the Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction display for chocolate covered marshmallows or to the create your own Eleni’s cookie station. (You can actually design and draw pictures on these delicious treats!)

MT Travel

After some schmoozing and socializing, our own Nicole kicked off the festivities and introduced some phenomenal brands and products that help make travel more of a pleasure, and less of a pain point. FamilyFun and Mommy Nearest were also on hand to talk travel trends, tips, and destination options, and more. I feel excited and inspired after the presentations… I can’t wait to book my next trip—and my family’s first big vacation!


1. Seedling/ 2. Ivivva/ 3. Cool Gear International/ 4. Kidz Bop/ 5. Fresh-Tips/ 6. Essentia/ 7. Igloo/ 8. eBags/ 9. FamilyFun/ 10. Guardian/ 11. GoPicnic

talbots looks

The ladies of Momtrends looked smart, chic, and travel-ready in their fabulous Talbots ensembles. These pieces are easy to pack and style in multiple ways. Nicole wore a picnic-perfect white eyelet skirt that was crisp, feminine, and comfortable (a key when you’re sitting on a plane or riding on a roller-coaster.) Sherri looked beautiful in a retro-inspired fit-and-flare shirt-dress with a whimsical, maritime, sailboat motif. The all-American color combo makes it a great wardrobe addition from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Brooke looked polished in a signature paisley print pencil skirt with pops of sunny yellow and a versatile red sweater. Nicole, Sherri, and Brooke looked simultaneously modern and classic—making these three great looks for wherever your travels take you.

ivivva girls
ivivva models
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ivivva brand

We had three fabulous mini models on hand showing off some seriously stylish looks from Ivivva, a brand launched by lululemon and celebrating girls with beautiful, technical athletic wear (in sizes 6-14). Not only are the versatile pieces perfect for yogis-in-training, they’re suitcase friendly, multi-functional, and ideal for travel.


If you’re a camping family. Or a picnic-loving family. Or an amusement park-obsessed family. Or any sort of person who enjoys the great outdoors, you need Guardian in your life. This non-toxic mosquito and tick repellent is an alternative to DEET that actually works. Enough said.


Packing can be difficult—especially when you’re picking outfits for a family of four (or more!). Amazing gear from eBags can help streamline planning and make life easier on everyone. We got great tips—like using packing pods to separate outfits and shoes!


Whether you’re packing cold waters for your child’s sports game or heading out to your favorite camping site for the weekend, the products from igloo keep you cool!

canyon ranch

Canyon Ranch
With properties in Lenox, Massachusetts, Tucson, Arizona and one soon-to-open in Kaplankaya Turkey, Canyon Ranch sets the bar in the luxury wellness experience. Guests at the #MomtrendsTravel event got to test out some signature products—just a touch of the amazing things awaiting guests at these picturesque properties.

fresh tips

When you’re on a road trip or camping, it’s not always convenient or possible to stop and brush your teeth. No water? No problem. There’s no H20 required with Fresh-Tips—just brush your teeth on-the-go.


Cool Gear International

Travel-friendly water bottles, tumblers, TSA-friendly tubes, and more make life on the move simpler and more manageable. (I’ll never get stopped because my shampoo bottle is too large again!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.18.47 PM

Kidz Bop

When roadtripping, the only soundtrack you need—Kidz Bop! Who can resist family-friend versions of the latest pop hits?

swag bags

Before the evening ended, we closed out the #MomtrendsTravel event with a few fabulous giveaways and goody-bags. Lucky guests took home amazing gear, and some even won tickets to hot Broadway shows like Gazillion Bubble Show, One Funny Mother, and The Woodsman. Because, as we learned, you can even be a tourist in your own city!


Event Sponsors:
Canyon Ranch
Cool Gear International
Gazillion Bubble Show
Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction
Kidz Bop
Mommy Nearest
Noble Vines
One Funny Mother
That Physics Show
The Nanny League
The Woodsman

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