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Spring break is just around the corner, and if you're a ski mom that means chasing the last snow of the season. Before you stash your skis and boots and pack up your snowsuits, make sure you check out our mom recommended ski travel gear to make traveling with your kids easier. 

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Mom Recommended Ski Travel Gear

The Essential Ski Travel Gear

Let's start with the big stuff--skis, boots, snowboards and all the other gear you're going to need on your trip. 

Note: These are ALL Amazon affiliate links. 

  1. Sportube (hard carrier): great wheeled ski/board travel carrier, protects your skis during ski travel, largest fits 3 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards
  2. Soft Double Roller Ski Travel Bag:  lightweight wheeled soft ski travel bag has room for two pairs of skis, a set of poles and a removable boot bag
  3. Elastics (for your ski brakes): This ski brake retainer protects your brakes during travel and works with all bindings.
  4. Ski Straps: Ski straps straps are used as a buffer, the protective piece of material between skis prevents them from grinding against each other during travel or walking to the lifts. Also makes carrying them easier. 
  5. Khulkea Boot Bag (Womens): Boot Bag backpacks keep all your smaller ski items organized - helmet, boots, goggles, neckwarmers, mittens, snacks, etc. Since it’s a backpack your hands are free to carry your skis, poles or board. 
  6. Khulkea Boot Bag (Kids): Boot Bag backpacks keep all your smaller ski items organized - helmet, boots, goggles, neckwarmers, mittens, snacks, etc. Since it’s a backpack your hands are free to carry your skis, poles or board. 
  7. Ski Rack (Thule store): Car Rooftop Ski Racks allow you to carry your ski gear securely on your roof, freeing up the interior of your vehicle.
  8. Extra Large Rolling Duffel: This large wheeled travel duffel will fit all your ski gear and help you stay organized. Then head down to our picks for packing cubes!
  9. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel: Perfect duffel for a short ski trip, durable and waterproof. Consider this your weekender. 
Pro Packing Tips

Pro Packing Tips

Now it's time to sweat the small stuff. Take care of these details and you'll be spend less time overseeing the family and more time on the slopes. 

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Note: These are ALL Amazon affiliate links. 

  1. Packing Cubes: Keeps your clothes organized in your luggage and the compression feature means more space.  Momtrends Pro-tip: get different colors for each family member
  2. Laundry Bag: Often forgotten, but very important. Keeps your dirty clothes separate and makes laundry day easier. Momtrends Pro-tip: Find out if your hotel/condo has laundry (pack a few tide pods, quarters if needed)
  3. Bathing Suit Bag: Many condos and hotels have hot tubs. This is perfect to stash damp swim suits, wet workout gear and dirty clothes. Note: Good for things that are damp but not dripping wet.
  4. Portable Chargers: Easily charge your devices during travel or on ski days (cold weather zaps phone batteries fast)
  5. Hotronic Travel Boot Dryer: Travel boot dryer for ski and snowboard boots. Can also plug into 12V car lighter to preheat on the way to the slopes.
  6. Charger/Cord Organizer: Streamlined, portable organizer for your smartphone travel essentials. 
  7. Handheld Luggage Scale: Ski clothes and gear are heavy, weigh luggage before you travel to avoid overweight bag fees
  8. Apple Air Tags: Put these on your boot bag, duffel bag, etc to keep track of your items. 
  9. Multi-Outlet & USB Ports: A handy mini power strip with 3 AC outlets with surge protector and 2 fast-charging USB ports

One More Thing!

One last packing note: Put a Mabels Label on all your gear! They have washable waterproof labels for all the ski gear. You've worked WAY too hard assembling all this stuff to have it get lost in transit. 

I love the Bag Tags for the kids gear. These personalized luggage and backpack tags are perfect for identifying adults and kids’ bags alike. Have this ready to go before you drop them off at ski school. 

We are a Mabel's Labels affiliate. Shop the collection here.


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