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Great Swim Shorts for Slim Guys

Yikes! I'm almost out of days in the summer and somehow I neglected to share my love of BirdDogs.  These are great swim shorts for slim guys and I don't want you to miss out before swim season is over. 

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Mr. Momtrends doesn't like to model much, but he's pretty cute, and he's in great shape. Weighing in at 150, he's definitely on the trim side and for YEARS we've struggle to find shorts that fit him well. On the rare occasion we do find shorts or swim trunks that work, we buy in multiples. 

Great Swim Shorts for Slim Guys

I few years ago I read a great article about the essential guy wardrobe for men that don't want to get pigeonholed as dorky dads. One of the recommendations was BirdDogs. 

We started slowly with a single pair of gym shorts and have been back to the site to order 3 more pairs including swim shorts. The gym shorts and swim shorts look great for travel or everyday life.

Bird Dogs shorts

BirdDogs Style

Fabric comes first at BirdDogs. The fabric is soft to the touch and offers a lot of room to move. The brand is gym-centric, but I think the swim shorts are the most notable. The patterns are fun, without causing any fashion crimes and there are plenty of solids for dudes and dads who don't want to take fashion risks.

Mr. Momtrends tends to cringe at high-priced sportswear. He never says a word about my shopping habits, but he's frugal at heart. I'm happy because he looks great, he's happy that they fit and he didn't spend a bundle. 

They seem to drop new prints every month. We just picked up the Ruschbangers ($69). Note: the swim-specific shorts are a slightly different fabric and hence, more expensive. 

BirdDogs on the Move

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BirdDogs on the Move

Like a traditional men's swimsuit, the gym shorts have built-in underwear. The stretch fabric of the shorts makes them ideal for gym workouts (but they are too long for running). The built-in underwear is breathable and cuts down on laundry!

In the photo you can see the Mr. on the move in Bermuda playing some pick-up cricket. This pair is a "gym short." But he does swim in these shorts too. Right after this he went snorkeling in his BirdDogs. For travel, they are essential since they look great out of the workout area. Don't you think they look better than 99.9% of the gym shorts out there?  

BirdDogs Service and Sizing

First, they are a very user-friendly brand. BirdDogs offer great service. They have free shipping and free 30-day returns. 

When it comes to sizing, Birddogs standard size is a classic 8" inseam. That means they drop 8" from the bottom of your crotch down your thigh. To measure the fit, they advise to "Take a piece of paper and turn it hamburger ways with one corner on your thunder dome and the other end will fall at about the length of a pair of Birddogs." Yes, I should mention the copy on the site is pretty insouciant.

If this length doesn't work, they also offer both a short 6" inseam and an extended 9 1/4" inseam option on most shorts. All the photos shown here on Mr. Momtrends are the classic 8" short.

Now about the waist: small fits waist sizes 28" to 30", a medium fits a 30" to 32 ", a large fits between a 32" to 34", and an XL fits between a 34" to 36" waist. We've also got the double-wide XXL for waist sizes 36 in. and above. I have zero information to give your about the larger sizes. Mr. Momtrends takes a small and is 150lbs and 5'10". He normally wears a 32 in shorts. 

What do you think? Are BirdDogs the only shorts your guy will ever need? 

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