Smurfs and Cabbage Patch are Back!

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Christmas commercials have already popped up on tv and I know all my readers are eager to get organized before the holiday insanity begins.

Well there are two retro-cool gifts you need to know about this holiday. First, the Smurfs are back! This year is the 50th anniversary (visit the happysmurfday site) and there is a special edition Smurf (see picture). I remember playing with these blue miniatures in the 80's. Heck, I even went to see Smurf's on Ice. You heard it here first: Smurfs 50th Anniversary Plush from Jakks are going to be hot this year. The gift includes an iconic three-apple-tall blue doll that sings the memorable Smurf theme song (betcha can't get it out of your head when you hear it again), an exclusive "Gold Anniversary" Collectible figure, a replica keepsake of the Original Smurfs Sketch from creator Peyo, and a commemorative DVD.($19.99)

Take another trip in the way-back machine and you'll come across the Cabbage Patch Kids. Yep, this year they turn 25. And to celebrate there's a whole new patch sprouting up. Cabbage Patch Kids CPK 25th Anniversary Dolls are everything you remember...the same yarn hair, the birth certificate, etc. They are cuddly, soft and a world-away from bratz and the like. I was impressed that the quality is still there and I know my three-year-old will love the addition to her doll family. Expect to pay $29.99 and up.

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If you are after something from a more modern era, Jakks Toys has the grooviest monster in town. Domo is a brown beast that kids (and adults) love for his simple design and his wacky personality--he farts when he's upset and is addicted to tv. He's got a wild cult following.
Domo 7" Plush Toy starts at $6.99

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