Cute Pinypon Dolls from Famosa

Pinypon all together

We are big fans of toys and activities that focus on creative play. Gadgets have their place in some situations, but there really is nothing better than the use of the good old imagination. We recently discovered a fun and fashionable new toy for girls that features a vibrant array of interchangeable outfits, accessories, hairstyles and cute facial expressions!


Created by Famosa, these adorable and bright Pinypon Mini-Dolls are the perfect toy for girls ages four-seven as they get to interact and dress these fun characters. My daughter loves her two Pinypon Dolls, complete with orange, purple, pink and yellow hair, that she enjoyed playing with and mixing up their clothing and accessories. What I loved was that all of their accessories and clothing can be stored inside the doll - making it easy to avoid any lost pieces.

Pinypon Caravan Set 2

The doll are available as basic figures or as sets - Apartment, Caravan, Mini Doll Flower Set, Mini Doll Mermaid Set, Sweetheart Set, Travel Bag Set, Travel the World Sets, Super Cool Car, Hotel Set, Shopping Center Set and Multi Packs- (10) Pack and Figures & Pets.

Fun and whimsical dolls are a welcome addition in our home and made for hours of creative play.

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