Momtrends Great Holiday Gifts #8

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The fabric tents from Lucy & Michael are simply awesome. Children can completely loose themselves in play when tucked inside this roomy hideout. Having a play space that is chic as well as inspiring--that's something the whole family can celebrate.
Now I'm all for pillow forts and kid nests built under the dining room table, but there's something to be said about a tent that can stay erected day in and day out. Set this up and it'll serve as a clubhouse for your children. If you ever desire, you can tie it back up for storage (but why would you want to do that?)

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We got this tent about two years ago for a article I wrote. Get ready, the price is $320, but I've got to tell you it still looks fabulous and we still use it every week. We have concerts, meetings, giggle fits and story time in ours. For all you doting grandparents, or for moms who want to splurge on a big gift this year, I promise the Lucy & Michael tents will be a hit. The tents are handmade in Houston, TX and are 5 feet square and stand 5 feet tall when open; when closed they stand 6 feet tall.

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