Momtrends Great Holiday Gifts #4

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Who needs batteries to go fast? This gorgeous roadster from Playsam (Germany) won't sit still for long. This car is simply irresistible and could it look any cooler. I want to drive this, I really, really do. Since I realize most parents aren't going to shell out $400 for this toy, I've got options.
The 940 mm (37") car will make any car lover drool. This is a ride-on toy for the jet set. Playsam's classic Roadster Saab design is based on the very first Saab -- Sixten Sason's prototype 92001. The steering wheel is made of wood and metal just like the old sports car steering wheels. Not suitable for children under 12 month of age or for 40 year-old dads. Order from

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Can't swing the cost? Try the Streamliner Rally Car - Black ($56) this is a tiny 5" push toy. Still gorgeous, still green and plenty of fun.

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