Momtrends Great Gift #24

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FeltTales Story Boards from Babalu earn a spot on the Great Gift list. These toys offers kids (3 and up) a chance to play in an open-ended way. With these classic toys from Babalu, there isn't a right or wrong--just stories to tell, treasure to hunt and farms to run. At Momtrends we don't believe batteries are required to have fun, seems like Babalu feels the same way.

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Babalu'??s cornerstone product is FeltTales, felt story boards made from safe, soft and colorful felt. Each FeltTales toy has at least 19 moveable felt pieces and a different theme, varying from FeltTales Pretty Princess Storyboard to FeltTales Dinosaur Days Storyboard. Momtrends loves the attention to detail on each piece of felt and that everything packs up in a self-contained unit (a great toy for road trips).

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In addition to the dino set, I'm added these favorites to the Momtrends list:

FeltTales Pretty Princess Storyboard

Get ready for an enchanting night at the castle. Dress your princess in her favorite ball gown, and add a cloak as the evening approaches. Gather her handmaidens and travel by horse-drawn carriage.

FeltTales Pirates at Shipwreck Cove Storyboard

Can you find the buried treasure? Use the map to find the location. Don'??t forget to bring a shovel! Is anyone following you? Bring your sword just in case, these pirates mean business.

FeltTales By Babalu Let's Go to The Ballet Felt Storyboard

Perform at your very own dance recital. You can dress your ballerina in a variety of brightly colored tutus and dresses. There is even a felt rose bouquet to present to your prima ballerina for her outstanding performance.

All the sets I mentioned can be found on and cost about $19.99.

Momtrends was not paid for this post, products were shipped for testing purposes only.

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