Momtrends Great Gift #18

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Green Toys are anything but boring these days. Plan Toys is putting eco-friendly, best practices into play and dreaming up some wondrous toys. This season I'm picking the Plan Toys Native American Set as one of my 25 top picks. I feel good about the company and know kids will jump right in and play with this high-action toy.

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This set is constructed of recycled rubber wood and includes a teepee (who doesn't love a teepee!), totem pole, campfire, cactus, horse and two Native Americans.
There is nothing bland about these wooded toys--thanks to painted details (they use vegetable dye).

Feel good knowing this toy was made with energy conservation in mind. They use solar energy and low emission biofuels to power the machinery that kiln-dries the wood and the finished toys and Plan Toys uses biomass to produce heat. Wood scraps and wood chips left over from manufacturing toys are burned as fuel for the kiln drying process instead of using chemical preservatives. Buy the Plan Toys Native American Set on ($24.99)

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