Momtrends Great Gift #10

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In a prefect world girls would love sports as much as tutus. Soccer would be as cool as Miley Cyrus and obesity wouldn't exist. Alas, it is an uphill battle as a mom to give your girl toys that will fire up her dreams not her insecurities. That's why I love the Go! Go! Sports Girls dolls. The motto of these plucky girls: "Dream big and go for it!"

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Pick from Suzi the Swimmer Girl, Taye the Basketball Girl and seven other athletes in the collection. For $20.99 you'll be sending a message that sports are cool (and they are, I started playing soccer at age 5 and lacrosse at age 7) and being active is much more fun that boring old tv. Hey, whatever works. These plush dolls are about 14" and have plenty of details and accessories. Feel good knowing 5% of profits is donated to Girls Inc, a national nonprofit dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

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