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When my father pulled out the LiteBrite set from my childhood that he had saved, I was overjoyed. And so was my daughter. She went to work plugging in those little pegs, making designs and shapes. Fast forward a month or so later, and she got my Legos. Turns out my dad saved everything. Thanks, pop.

Well, LiteBrite, meet Lego. Lego, LiteBrite. Now you kids, play nicely.

With today'??s basic toys going high-tech, Laser Pegs is a new construction toy that combines the building power of your favorite Legos with the brightly lit fun of LiteBrite.

With LEDs inside each piece, kids snap them together to build hundreds of shapes including robots, helicopters, spaceships, and giant bugs (just what every mom wants...giant bugs in her home). Each creation lights up in a variety of flashing and glowing colors. With balls, Ts, straight and square pegs, anything is possible.

They come in kits, like Dune Buggy or Mini-Monster. We tried out the 3-in-1 Kit ($45.95), which gives kids the best of three worlds...a mini-bug, dune bug or tractor. But if your little builders want to toss out the instructions, so be it. They can also just create things using their own imagination.

Once one peg is connected to a power source (either batteries or an available AC adapter pad, which made it a little cumbersome, but we still preferred it over batteries), it illuminates any other peg it's connected to.

This is a great take on construction toys for kids, because it adds that fascinating '??hey mom, glows'? aspect. The only problem we had is that when assembling our mini-bug, three of the pieces broke'?¦one came apart, one bent and one didn'??t work at all. A fluke? More than likely.

But once she got it assembled, our little bug went to bed with her Bug '??nightlight.'? This is one cool toy that stimulates imagination and building skills. What a bright idea!

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