Kidsonroof House Let's Imaginations Soar


We've accumulated quite a few dolls around here, not to mention the little "people" and critters who inhabit my daughter's play spaces. I was thrilled to discover this terrific toy which gives all these little playthings a roof over their heads and a place to call home.

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Kids On Roof  has designed a cardboard house made entirely of recycled materials that's the perfect size for creative play. Want even more good news? The clever Kids On Roof Play House requires no tools to set up and takes up barely any space when folded down and stored (it easily slides under a bed).

Fueled by imagination, not batteries, this house will give your kids hours of entertainment. When expanded (which took me seconds to figure out--hurrah!) the house measures 8.75w x 14D x 18H --plenty of room for cars, bears, dolls and furniture. The blue exterior invites decoration too. Add stickers, drawings, paintings etc. to personalize this excellent dwelling. ($29.95)

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