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The first few weeks of the month have been focused on keeping mom fit and sane. Now it's time to tackle those long hours between dawn and dusk. I know workouts are but a small part of the day. The big challenge is figuring out what to do with the kids during their waking hours.

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I like the way play tents lend themselves to imaginative play. For the budget-busting version, Lucy & Michaelmake gorgeous fabric tents. The fabrics would make any interior decorator happy: checks, floral, stripes. All sophisticated yet fun. Each tent has a fold back door and a window. $325

Have a little astronaut in your house? Then try the Bazoongi kids Blast off play house. These play houses are well-made and study enough to withstand the most rambunctious play date. $124.99

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I'd also recommend keeping a stash of dress up on hand for indoor play. Little girls will love the offering on Oopsy Daisy Baby. The petti skirtsare flirty and fabulous for dancing. $70

Boys and girls alike will love the full Pirate collection from Pottery Barn Kids. The costume set includes hats, eye patches, hooks and more. $59 Hide some gold coins or other treasure in the house and let the kids explore.

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