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I've got some great "green" ideas to fill up the toy basket. This month we've covered dozens of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

First, I'm thrilled with the new Respect the Earth Flashcardsfrom eeBoo. Each card offers a little idea with a big impact. The cards target kids 3+ with easy to grasp messages. For instance: Don't leave plastic on the beach. The flash cards are partnered with happy animal pictures to make the message fun. $15.99

Next up --and I know you might think this is crazy--painted rocks. Sure, you could paint up a couple,dozen stones with non-toxic paint in perfectly proportioned sizes for stacking--but are you going to do it? No, I didn't think so. The folks at Zabazoo ahve done the work for us with theirStonees. Each tub of color rocks includes 50 pieces--great for a playdate. $19.45

For the little creepers and crawlers, I've got two final thoughts. miYim 9" Organic Plush Fairytale Bunny has a sweet assortment of organic toys. Every little kid needs a bunny-why not make it a certified organic cotton lovey? If bunnies aren't your thing, Miyim has a wide assortment of green plush toys. $18.95

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A little noise often calms a fussy baby. I tested the new Sassy Earth Brights toys and my 6-month-old daughter was fascinated by the Lil Twig Rattle. The shape is easy to grab in a meaty little hand and the rattle sound isn't too jarring. There are plenty of colorful things to pull on and gnaw on this first toy. I love that the packaging is made from 100% recycled paperboard. $5.99

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