Bring a Zoocchini Pal on Your Next Trip


Kids are wild about plush toys. Momtrends is wild aboutZoocchini. These plush toys are well-made, super-snugly and unbelieveable vibrant. These are the types of animals that become instant favorites and get toted everywhere.

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I got to check out the new Ocean Collection from Zoocchini. We are now the proud parents of Ollie the Octopus ($21.95). He's purple and orange and a very nice house guest. He has the lovely manners and always enjoys playing with the mermaid dolls in our house.

Olli and his pals, Clawd Lobster, Fanny Fish and Muffin Mermaid make great summer gifts. Perfect for sending off to camp or as a special pal on a plane trip. The toys come packaged in a colorful see-through bucket. Just plop a bow on top and it is ready to give.

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