Interview with Manisha Thakor of MoneyZen


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Momtrends recently had the chance to interview Manisha Thakor, personal finance expert and founder of MoneyZen to discuss a major financial issue affecting many American families.

Illnesses or injuries can be exceedingly costly, even with major medical insurance. But what many people DON’T know is that even with medical coverage, serious medical conditions can result in thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays, deductibles, transportation to and from doctor visits, child care and more. For example, the mean charge for hospitalization due to heart attack is $65,427, a broken leg $10,000 and the average annual expense for people diagnosed with diabetes is $11, 744. So how can you and your family be prepared? During the interview Manisha shared some some simple tips to establish an effective long-term plan for financial protection against these unexpected costs.

Tips from Manisha Thakor:

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