Top 5 Holiday Gifts They Won't Re-Gift


We've all done it: We've either been the victim or victimizer of a present we didn't exactly want. We definitely understand when you receive a gift that either doesn't fit or match your decor so you pass it along, generously, to another. This year, make sure your thoughtful presents won't make their way around the trade-off circle and have everyone at the office wishing you were their Secret Santa.

Stuck for holiday gifts that will blow the mind of the receiver? We've compiled a list of awesome presents that we're sure will suit anyone, even that friend who is super picky or the sibling who has everything.

Top 5 Most Wanted (Gifts):

1.A class- Everyone wants to become skilled in various things, so why not choose something like Stunt or Trapeze School, Jewelry Design, or Bread Making? These kinds of classes can be found nationwide and will surely inspire and surprise the recipient!

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2.Sing-a-ma-jigs, $19-$40- At first I was convinced this was a kid's toy. While it is perfect for any child, it can also add some hip-fun-flare to your grown-up holiday shopping.

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3.Indoor Skydive- Not everyone is psyched about the idea of jumping out of a plane, but want the rush of wind in their hair. An indoor skydive is a thrilling experience that will be exciting without death-defying. Locations are nationwide, but start your search here.

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4. Salts of the World, $34.00, Give the gift of taste with this salt set which features 6 different salts from 6 different countries. They pack a powerful punch so remember when you're invited to dinner to sprinkle with care.

5. Bike medic, $18, This handy little satchel is great for anyone since nowadays more and more people are going green and boarding/skating/biking just about everywhere (yay!). Plus, the reusable pouch is pretty swank for a man or woman.

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