Smack Down: Dear Edwina vs. Dora Live!

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Two show in six days. Both target girls. Both in NYC. No contest really. Even with all the glamor of a Radio City performance Dora Live! was limp and lifeless. Not to be cruel, but the Dora on stage has packed on the pounds and looked more like a Kansas City housewife than a global explorer. The plot was lame and the Diego couldn't hold a note to save his life. For this I paid $90 a ticket! Ugh. On the upside my almost 4 year old liked the performance ("not as good as Elmo") and she sat still through the finale.

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Yesterday I took her to see Dear Edwina at the Daryl Roth Theater right off Union Square. The performers were pros! Lively, energetic and they could sing (hurrah). It's an intimate theater, so my girl really got to see the magic and effort that goes into a performance. We bopped in our seats (the Hola! Lola song rocks!) and clapped like crazy. The hour-long performance zipped by (no intermission). My girl and I skipped to the subway after singing the tunes--blissfully happy that kiddie theater is alive and well. Tickets start as low as $25. If you miss the show you can still buy the soundtrack (only $.99 on Amazon).

Hurry the show closes April 19! We can only hope this tiny theater will give New York moms more reasons to say bravo!

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