After Gym Makeup

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Go to the gym before work? Have somewhere to go after your evening workout? Here is a few tips on applying make up within 5 mins or less and head out the door. We've found a few goodies that you should toss into your gym bag for easier execution and pretty primping.

Try this concealer from Paul and Joe($24) or concealer from Tarte. Quick one swipe and it will cover up those trouble stops and just a little rub it and you will be picture perfect.

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Mascara from$25) it has a built in light. You can reapply even in low light.

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Tarte makes a cheek stain ($30 on Amazon). Every easy to apply and works with all skin tones. The gel slides on easily and gives you a hint of color.

Tarte makes a great lip stain too ($24 on Amazon). Shiny or matte--it's your pick for your pucker. Glide it on and go.

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If you want everything in one little box that you can just throw in your gym bag. Try this from Target from NP ( $13) it comes with a mini mascara, lip gloss and eyeshadow and cheek color.

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And lastly, always have a travel pack of Qtips ($1.25) on hand they can work magic!

Enjoy your workout and your day/ evening looking and feeling fabulous! Note: the adorable bags we featured are from the Sephora Harajuku Lovers collection ($18-$24).

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